Best Treadmill for Home Use Buying Guide | 10 Steps to buying a Treadmill

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Finding the best treadmill for home use in India is not that easy, so that’s why we have come up with these 10 steps to buying a treadmill – a free buying guide.

We recommend you to read carefully these steps before buying your ideal treadmill that will fulfill your needs and requirements and doesn’t empty your wallet.

For health and fitness, it’s the best exercise machine to buy because in this busy era if you are not then your weight can drastically increase and your heart can develop some unwanted disease.

Exercising on Treadmill machine will not only helps you to become physically fit but also makes you a mentally fit person.

Below are some most important 10 steps to buying a treadmill, which will maximize your investment and helps you to achieve your fitness goal.

You can also check other wide range of treadmill machines.

Best Treadmill for Home UseFocusing Points before buying a Treadmill:

  1. Brand
  2. Buying Purpose
  3. Motor Power
  4. Maximum weight Capacity
  5. Running Area
  6. Tracking Progress
  7. Warranty
  8. After Sale Service
  9. Maximum Speed
  10. Auto Incline or Manual Incline

1# Brand:

A brand becomes most important especially if you are buying such an expensive health exercise machine like treadmill.

Ultimately, choosing the best brand means Trust, quality, performance, services, and satisfaction

Below are some of the best-selling treadmill brands for home use on Amazon.

  • Fitkit
  • Cockatoo
  • PowerMax Fitness
  • Healthgenie
  • Lifelong FitPro
  • MaxPro

2# Buying Purpose

It is most common that you want a treadmill for your fitness but let’s discuss it more specific. You want treadmill for walking, jogging? Or only just for running purposes?

Treadmill for running purpose will be more featured with a wide running belt. On the other hand you no need to spend extra money if you are purpose is only walking and jogging.

If you want a treadmill not only for yourself but also for your family members then you should look for the featured treadmill. Because your parents can do their normal walking or jogging and on the other hand you can do you’re challenging exercises on it.

3# Motor Power

Before choosing the motor strength, you should consider the person who is going to use this treadmill. If you are buying a treadmill for home use or your family members as well then you will have choose a treadmill very carefully.

A treadmill motor can be confusing while choosing the best treadmill for home use. These motor ratings come with ‘continuous duty’ and ‘peak duty’ strength. Always consider continuous duty as peak duty strength is not that valuable.

At your home there will be your family members with age and weight variations then always go for 1.5 to 2.5 Horsepower (continuous duty) motor treadmill.

4# Maximum weight Capacity

Before buying a treadmill always check the maximum weight capacity of that machine. Buying the right weight capacity treadmill is most important for smooth and effective workout performance.

Important note: Always go for 20kg higher weight capacity of your current weight. For example: if your weight is 90kg then it’s recommended to go with 100 kg weight capacity treadmill for better exercise performance.

I have seen many reviews and feedback about saying their treadmills are shaking or not stable while workout. Most likely this happens if you do not buy the right treadmill as per your current weight.

5# Running Area

The running surface of treadmill should be thicker and equipped with cushioning effect. The more cushioning your belt will absorb more pressure and will not affect directly on your knees.

Apart from that, you should also check the width and length of the treadmill belt. The width of the treadmill belt comes in the range of 16 to 22 inches and the length is about 45 to 60 inches.

For jogging and running purposes you must go with 18-22 inches width and 50-60 length of treadmill running belt.

On the other hand for walking or light jogging purposes 16-18 inches width and 45-50 inches long would be the ideal choice of best treadmill for home use in India.

6# Tracking Progress

Nowadays, treadmills come with advanced features and the ability to track your performance while workout out. For that you will get the inbuilt display to show your distance, speed, time, calories burned, pulse rate, etc.

While your workout out, this is questionable if these data are accurate or not. You can see the vary these data if you will compare with a good quality fitness tracking band especially your real time pulse rate.

We understand this data motivates us while workout but if you are serious for your fitness then we recommend you to buy a good quality fitness tracking band to track your workout performance.  

7# Warranty

If you are buying such an expensive exercise machine then you much consider this point. A good warranty time period is most important and enhances your confidence about the product you are purchasing.

We recommend you to always go with a long time warranty period for treadmill machine. Normally, you get different time period warranty on Motor, Parts, and treadmill frame.

If you are buying the best treadmill for home use in India then generally you will get 3 years motor warranty, 1-year parts warranty, and lifetime frame warranty.

Note: Warranty time period can vary as per different companies.

8# After Sale Service

You must be thinking about how can we find the after-sale service is good or not before buying a particular treadmill machine.

Yes, you can find out very easily, and for those details, you need to go to reputed online shopping websites like and search for your ideal treadmill. Now scroll down and check existing consumer reviews.

You can read those reviews and feedback then you can get a good idea about their after-sale service is good or not.

9# Maximum Speed

Treadmill comes with its maximum speed range. If you are a runner and buying a treadmill for running purpose then you must check the maximum speed of the treadmill.

The maximum speed range of the treadmill maybe like up to 12km/h to 20km/h.

If you are a professional runner and buying a treadmill then a higher maximum speed range of treadmill should be your ideal choice.

10# Auto Incline or Manual Incline

If you want to enhance your workout by increasing the intensity then incliner feature perform the best part in running.

The incline feature comes in two forms in treadmills.

First one is manual incliner, so in this manual incline, you have to adjust it manually as per treadmill angle.

On the other hand, if we talk about the automatic incliner so you can adjust it at the push of the button only. It means you no need to adjust it manually and you can also adjust the incline while running on the treadmill with a button only.

Most commercial treadmills come with automatic incliner. Obviously, treadmills with automatic incline feature are expensive than normal treadmills.

Health Benefits of Treadmills:

Although, there are many benefits of having a treadmill at home but below are 7 major health benefits are given.

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So now you must have understood that how important to choose the ideal treadmill for your home use and family members.

In this buying guide of best treadmill for home use, we have covered almost all major points that you need to focus on before making a buying decision.

I hope you will like this article. If you have any questions or want suggestions then kindly do let us know and drop a comment below. We would love to revert as soon as possible.

Till then take care and be healthy.

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