Cockatoo CTM-04 Treadmill Reviews in India 2022

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It is not always possible to go outside for a gym or other workout activity. Especially for those who are working and can’t get time for such a thing.

But as we all know, how exercise is important for us to be a healthy and fit person. So, what could be the better alternative for that?

Don’t worry because nowadays, maximum of people is doing exercises at home only with the help of exercise machines.

The treadmill is the most popular workout machine for home use, which you can use for walking and running to become healthy.

Today, we are introducing one of the best-selling Cockatoo CTM-04 Treadmill at a very affordable price.

The Cockatoo is a very popular brand in India for its exercise machines and equipment. It is one of the best sellers on the Amazon platform for selling its treadmills and other equipment as well.

This Cockatoo treadmill is equipped with all the required features and a 1.5 horsepower DC motor at a very affordable price.

Every treadmill has its maximum user weight capacity and it is a very important considerable point while buying any treadmill. Here in this machine, the maximum user weight capacity is 90 Kg. If your weight is 90 kg or under then you can go with this machine.

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Cockatoo CTM-04 Treadmill Reviews India

Cockatoo 1.5HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill

Product Specifications:

Foldable Design:

The foldable design makes it a perfect treadmill machine for home use. Now you no need to worry about the space, because now you can fold it after doing your workout and store it anywhere at home.

Here, you will get a soft drop folding mechanism, which makes it very easy to fold and unfold.

Speed Range:

If you are buying this treadmill for running purposes then running speed is an important point to consider. In this Cockatoo treadmill, you will get between 1Km/hrs. to 14Km/hrs.

If you are a senior citizen then running speed is not that matter when you buying it for walking purposes.

Motor Power:

The motor of the treadmill indicates the power capacity of the machine. This treadmill machine comes with a 1.5 hp DC motor (2 hp at peak), which is a good treadmill machine for home use at this price range.

Running Deck:

For walking, the running surface is not that important but if you are a runner or buying it for running then a running deck should be quite comfortable and wide.

This treadmill machine is equipped with an 1100 x 390 mm (43.3″ x 15.3″) running surface, which is wide enough for doing all levels of workouts.

LED Screen:

Track your workout performance in real-time with its 5 inches LED digital display. In this Cockatoo treadmill machine, you will get a build-in LED digital screen, which helps you to show your, speed, time, calories, distance covered, etc.

USB Port:

You will also get the inbuilt speaker on the dashboard of this treadmill. Now, you can connect your phone with the help of a USB port and enjoy your favorite track while doing your workout.

Pulse Rate Sensor:

The pulse rate should be maintained while doing any activity, so this pulse rate sensor takes care of your pulse rate and you can get the real-time data of the dashboard screen.

The pulse rate sensors are available on the handlebar of this treadmill machine.

Transportation Wheels:

Now, transporting your machine is very easy, as you will also get the inbuilt heavy-duty wheels to move your machine from room to room. No more heavy lifting or any muscle strain, just tilt and roll out this machine for use or away for storage.              

Maximum User Weight:

One of the most considerable points is your weight and the selected treadmill is compatible with your weight or not.

This treadmill’s maximum user weight capacity is 90 kilograms, so make sure your weight is 90kg or below then only choose this machine otherwise go with a higher-weight capacity treadmill.


Along with this machine, you will also get a quality massager, which is quite impressive and helps you to enhance your workout effectively.


You can get this treadmill under 25000, which makes it a very budget-friendly exercise machine with these features and strong quality.


The warranty is an important point to consider especially when you are buying an expensive machine, so this Cockatoo CTM-04 treadmill machine gives 2 years of motor warranty, 1 year of other parts warranty, and the lifetime warranty for this treadmill’s frame.

Treadmill Features in Brief

Motor Power:1 HP
Speed Range:0.8 to 10 Km/h
Running Surface:43.3” x 15.3.”
Display:5 Inches LED Screen
Maximum User Weight:90 Kilograms
Belt Thickness:1.4mm
Portable Wheel:Yes
Pulse Rate Sensor:Yes on Handlebar
Display Console:Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, Pulse rate
Connectivity:AUX and USB
Safety Key:Yes
Additional:A Massager
Exercise Programs:12 Programs mode with easy changeable
Warranty:2 Years on Motor, 1 Years on other Parts, Lifetime on Frame

What We Like

Strong Build Quality: The quality of this treadmill is quite impressive as the entire machine is made with high-quality blend material. In this price range, it is very difficult to get these features and a strong build quality exercise machine.

Safety Key: Using a safety key is very important while doing your workout. It ensures to avoid any accident while running or walking. When you lose control, this key will de-attached from the machine and will stop immediately.

Full Value for Money: If we consider all the features and strong build quality, we suggest you go with this machine. No, doubt it a full value for money product under 25000.

Lightweight: It is a lightweight machine, which makes it a perfect exercise machine for home use. Apart from that, it is foldable so that you can store it anywhere at home.

Quality Massager: The massager of this treadmill machine helps to enhance your workout and work very effectively.

What We Don’t Like

Belt Heat: There is some issue with some treadmill’s running belt. It gets hot while doing a workout for a long time continuously.

No Inclination: This Cockatoo CTM-04 treadmill machine comes without an incline feature.            As this treadmill is having such a great feature, so we are expecting to get at least some minimum incline levels.

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Final Note:

If we don’t consider few drawbacks then it is a very good treadmill machine for home use in this price range. Having these great features and the heavy quality machine, you are getting it under INR 20000 only.

Overall, we can say the Cockatoo CTM-04 treadmill is a must-have exercise machine, and It is the best alternative of outside workouts or going for the gym.

The treadmill frame is made with sturdy material and you get a lifetime warranty against it. So, if you are having a budget under INR 20000 then it is the best treadmill to choose to get fit and healthy.

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