Healthgenie 3911M Treadmill Reviews

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We understand how fitness is important for our day-to-day life. If you are fit then you will always look at least 10 years young than your current age.

It is not always possible to go outside for running and other fitness activities. So it’s better to have a fitness machine, which can help you as well as your family members.

Here, we have come up with the best-selling Healthgenie 3911M treadmill for home use. This treadmill is the complete package for those who are looking for an affordable and powerful running motor treadmill.

If we talk about the feature of this treadmill, so you will get all the basic features along with some very important features like speed monitor, time, calories burn meter, etc.

The price of this machine is very attractive and you can get this treadmill machine for just under Rs. 20000/- only.

Under this price range, a motorized treadmill is not easy to find but Healthgenie has launched this new treadmill so that each and everyone can get fit without spending a lot of money. 

This treadmill machine is best for everyone, no matter you are a runner, walker, or buying this machine for seniors.  Here you will get Max Speed 10 Kmph so that you can also do your running workout.

It comes with a 95kg weight capacity, which means if you are under 95kg then this treadmill is surely for you.

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Healthgenie 3911M, Treadmill Reviews India

Healthgenie 3911M 2.5 HP Peak Motorized Treadmill for Home Use

Key Features of Healthgenie 3911M Treadmill

  • LCD Screen
  • Time
  • Speed controller
  • Volume controller
  • Pulse rate meter
  • Aux Connectivity
  • Distance
  • Calories meter

Brief Product Specifications:

3 Inch LCD Display Screen:

Here you will get the clear screen LCD so that you can track your workout while doing your exercise. On this screen, you can see the speed, time, burn calories, and other useful information.

Safety Key:

If you are a new or beginner then you need to use the given safety key to avoid an accident.

In this technology, you will be provided a type of key, which you have to clip with your clothes and another part of that key should be attached to the machine. So whenever you lose control or starting to fall, this key will de-attach from the machine and it will stop automatically.

Pulse Sensor:

This sensor, you will get on the handrail of the treadmill machine. It helps you to track your pulse rate while doing the workout.

It is important to maintain the correct pulse rate, so this pulse sensor collects the data and shows you on the screen. Always make sure you are in a good pulse rate zone.


While doing your workout, you can also enjoy your favorite track. Yes, in this Healthgenie treadmill machine you will get the in-built speakers. You can also connect those speakers with Aux cable.

Running space:

Here in this treadmill, you will get 1100mm x 390mm wide enough running space for doing your workout effectively at your home only. You no need to go anywhere, just do your walking, running and jogging.

Easy movable wheels:

No doubt a treadmill is a heavy machine. So, let suppose what if you need to move your treadmill from one place to another. It’s going to be a challenging task right?

But not anymore, because this Healthgenie treadmill comes with easy movable heavy-duty wheels, which makes to task very easy to shift your machine from one place to another.

Running speed:

The speed range of this treadmill machine is 0.8 to 10 Km/Hr. It means if you are buying it for running purposes then you can run up to 10km/h speed range only.

Motor Power:

In this treadmill machine, you will get a powerful motor of 1 horsepower DC motor (2.5 horsepower at peak), which is good for home use only.


The warranty is an important part to consider while buying any electronic product. Here in this machine, you will get 3 years of warranty for treadmill frame and on the other hand 1 year of warranty on the motor and other parts.

Note: To activate your warranty, you need to talk to the customer care service within 30 days of your purchase.

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What we Like

90% Pre-install: This Healthgenie treadmill machine, you will get will be 90% pre-install. For the rest installation, you will have to do it by yourself. The installation process is very easy and if you need any help then you can contact their customer care team as well. You can also find a proper Youtube video on the Heathgenie company channel.

Strong Build Quality: No doubt the quality of this treadmill machine is much better in this price range. This treadmill will really run for a longer time.

Easy to Move: As this machine is equipped with movable wheels, so it will be very easy to move your machine from one place to another. Now you can make your workout zone anywhere in your home.

Foldable Design: It is designed to make it a home use treadmill. You can easily fold this machine when you finished your workout and place it anywhere in your home. The compact size of this treadmill uses very little space as compared to heavy treadmills.

Furthermore, the feature of this machine will surely fulfill your requirements and you can easily achieve your fitness goal.

What We Don’t Like

Running Belt Width: The company says the running belt of this machine is wide enough, and in most cases it is true, but if we talk about a taller guy so it is not good for him. Yes, for walking purposes it is still good but not for fast running.

Speakers Quality: the built-in speakers of this Healthgenie 3911M model treadmill are of average quality but still you can use them to attend the phone calls.


Although this treadmill is budget-friendly, having a strong build quality makes this treadmill the best workout machine for home use.

Every product has its own drawbacks but if we focus on the main and useful features, so this Healtgenie 3911M treadmill is the best choice in the price range of INR 15000 – 25000.

Having the best speed, 3 inches LCD, movable wheels, powerful motor, and many more features you will get in this machine. Surely it will become a great investment for your family.

So, in short, if you want to go with a budget treadmill with good features then you can go with this Healthgenie 3911M treadmill machine under 25000.

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