Healthgenie 4112M Treadmill Reviews – 2022

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Sometimes it is not easy to get time for going gym or for any other fitness activity outside. If you are worried about your fitness and not able to get time from your busy schedule then you must do your workout at your home only.

But the point is what exactly exercise equipment you required? So here, a treadmill is the one which can help you to fulfil your all exercise requirements easily.

Here we are introducing a powerful Healthgenie 4112M treadmill with 2 horsepower heavy motor. Along with this treadmill you will also get some other equipment, which will help you to get healthy and fit easily, such as Massager, Tummy twister, Dumbbells, Resistant Tubes, etc.

The Amazing features and strong build quality of this treadmill machine is perfect for home use, where you and your family members can get fit and live your life without any health issues.

Yes, the health issues are the one of the main factors and you should get fit to avoid those. Extra weight is also can be dangerous and invite some heart related problems.

Healthgenie treadmill is one of the best-selling exercise machines, which is being used at home now days, especially when you can’t go outside for workout activities.

Here in this Healthgenie 4112M treadmill reviews, we will evaluate all the features and specifications, which will help you for selecting your ideal workout machine.

Below are some important product specifications, which you can consider while choose your treadmill.

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Healthgenie 4112M Treadmill Reviews India

Healthgenie 4.0 Hp Motorized Treadmill Fitness

Product Specifications

Wide Running Surface:

For effective workout, you will need a wide running surface for doing your all levels or workouts. Here in this treadmill, you will get 1235 mm x 420 mm (48 inches x 16 inches) space, which is wide enough for running as well.

Maximum User Weight:

It is one of the important considerable points, while selecting a treadmill. Make sure you are buying treadmill compatible with your weight.

If we talk about this Healthhenie 4112M treadmill, so this machine will be perfect for up to 110kg of user easily.

Foldable Design:

The folding feature of treadmill makes it a compact size machine, which is highly recommended for home use exercises.

Another benefits of having a folding treadmill is you can store it anywhere without thinking about any storage issue. You can take out when you want to do your exercise and fold it back when you done.

Motor Power:

This treadmill is equipped with a powerful 2 horsepower DC motor, which can also go up to 4 horsepower at peak.

5 Inches LCD Display:

Screen of any treadmill machine also very important part for your workout. It helps you to track your workout and gives motivation. Here in this Healthgenie 4112M treadmill, you will get a 5 Inches clear LCD display to show your speed, time, calories, pulse rate, etc.

Pulse Monitor Sensor:

The pulse rate should be in the comfort zone, while doing any kind of workout. Considering this point, this treadmill machine comes with a pulse monitor sensor, which you will get on the handlebar of this machine.

Manual Incline Feature:

If you want to enhance your workout level then incline feature is the best option to do it. This machine comes with a manual incline feature, which you can adjust it as per your requirement.


This treadmill machine comes with some other exercise instruments, which makes your workout goal enjoyable and helps to achieve your goal with less time.

The other workout instruments are dumbbells, resistant tubes, tummy twister, massager, sit-ups.

Running Speed:

If your buying purpose of this machine is running, then running speed can be an important point for you. Here you will get 14 Kilometres per hour speed for your running workout. 


The warranty is important considerable point, when you buy an expensive workout machine. Healthgenie 4112M treadmill comes with 3 years of warranty against frame and 1 year of warranty on motor and other parts.

What We Like

12 Pre-set Programs: If you want to do your workout systematically then this point is only for you. Here in this treadmill, you will also get 12 pre-set workout programs, which you can select and achieve your fitness goal within less time.

Noiseless Motor: The powerful 2 horsepower DC motor of this machine is very quiet and you will not disturb others while doing your workout. 

Other Exercise equipment: This treadmill come with many other exercise equipment. These are really helpful to make you fit and healthy in less time. These equipment are Massager, Tummy twister, Sit-ups, Resistant tubes and Dumbbells.

What We Don’t Like

Plastic Dashboard: The plastic parts of this machine is not up to the mark and it could be better.

Final Note:

It is very hard to get the best treadmill under 30000, but here in this machine, you will get not only a powerful motor but also some other workout equipment to make your fitness goal much easily.

Considering all the features including, max weight capacity, foldable design, incline feature, running speed, pulse sensor, LCD display, etc. it is one of the budget friendly workout machine in this range.

If you are looking for daily workout then you should not miss this Heahthgenie 4112M treadmill. Whether you are young or senior citizen, it is a perfect workout machine to make you healthy and fit.

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