How to Use a Treadmill for beginners – Guide

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In this article of How to use a treadmill for beginners we will discuss some important steps you need to consider while using a treadmill.

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As we all know how important exercise is for us to stay fit and healthy. If you are not fit and healthy then many unwanted diseases can catch you like heart diseases.

If you have very busy schedule and don’t have time for gym then make your own workout studio in your home and buy a best treadmill for home use in India.

If you are a beginner and you have just bought a treadmill for you then, it’s important to learn how to use it to avoid injury, dizziness, dehydration, and blood pressure problems, etc.

How to Use a Treadmill for beginners – Step by Step

How to Use a Treadmill for beginners – Step by Step-2

1# Use Proper Running Shoes before using Treadmill

It is very important to use a good pair of comfortable running shoes before running on a Treadmill. Sports shoes make you feel comfortable and will support your arches while your workout.

Try not to start your exercise with new shoes, and before using them on treadmill you should wear them for at least 4-5 days until your toes feel comfort.

2# Drink Proper Water before Your Workout

Drink at least 0.5L to 0.7L water just 90 minutes before using the treadmill. Drinking proper water is important because during the workout you will sweat heavily and you can suffer from dehydration.

If possible then keep a water bottle with you on the treadmill slot as well.

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3# Use Safety Clip While Running

Safety clip is extremely important when you run on treadmill first time. This safety clip works as emergency stop and when you will lose the balance then it will help to stop the treadmill and will save you from any injuries.

4# Pay Attention to the Settings of Treadmill Panel

If you are a beginner then you must look at the settings of your treadmill panel. The mostly used functions are speed up and speed down button. You have to check them before step up to the treadmill.

You can also consider the incline button in case your treadmill have automatic incline feature. Incline feature will help you to adjust the treadmill angle while working out.

5# Swing your hand while running on Treadmill

Swing hands will help you to make the balance while running on the treadmill. Once you step on the treadmill then you can hold the handles and make your balance but when you gradually increase the speed then try to swing your hands to make the balance and you can start running.

6# Don’t Look Down While Workout on Treadmill

Never and ever do this mistake when you are on treadmill. When you step up on the treadmill for running and during the workout if you will look down so there will be more chances to be fall and get injured.

Some people do this when they feel tired but when they look down while running then in result they fall instantly.

If you feel tired then push the stop button and step off from the treadmill and protect yourself by falling down.

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7# Speed up the treadmill gradually

If you are a beginner and want to protect yourself by any injuries then make sure to speed up your treadmill slowly and gradually.

Once you get comfortable with the current speed then you can go to the next step. It will help you to make the balance and protect from falling down.

8# Use Incline Feature at lease after 1 Week

If you want a treadmill for running purpose and you are just a beginner for incline feature then it’s recommended to use it at least after 1 week.

If you are using treadmill first time then start with slow jogging and when you comfortable with jogging then slowly & gradually try to speed up. Now it’s the time to start running and then use incline feature.

9# Don’t Step Out from the Moving Treadmill

Mostly beginner do this mistake, they forget to stop the treadmill while step out. If you are new for treadmill then never and ever do this mistake and always turn off the treadmill before step out. If you will not do this then there are most chances to be fallen down. 

10# Cool-Down for at least 5 Minutes after Running Workout

If you have done high speed running workout on your treadmill then it is very important to relax for at least 5 minutes before any further exercises.

It will help you to control breathe and will stable your blood pressure.

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Here in this article of How to use a treadmill for beginners, we have suggested some important steps or guide.

If you are a beginner and want to know about treadmill and how to use it, then you must read this article and make comfortable with these points.

If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly do let us know in comment box. We will definitely try to help you out.

Thank You & Stay Healthy.

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